Ziya Mammadov Founder & CEO / President

One of Azerbaijan's leading tech entrepreneurs.
Founder of Video.a and iTicket Global, one of the world's fastest growing ticketing and event technology companies.
Master in Finance, Azerbaijan State University.

Bettina Kuperman COO / Vice President

Industry expert with 15+ years experience as director and advisor in the international sports events and music industry, incl. UEFA Champions League, FIBA, European and World Championships, and tour and event manager for Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi, The Cure among other.
Partner of Ticket Global, overseeing business development and expansion.
Master of Law, Copenhagen University.

Teymur Jafarov CFO / Board member

Professional with 15+ years extensive knowledge in business strategy, corporate finance, and operations management.
Former CEO of a leading financial services provider of Azerbaijan.
Master in Business, ESCP London.

Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm Deputy CEO / Board Member

Lawver and venture capitalist based in Zürich. Specialized in disruptive tech advisory and business development.

During his career he has been working for Deloitte in Denmark and the Netherlands and in different law firms as Partner.
PhD Law, SDU (DK), Tilburg University (NL) and Duke University (USA).

Anton Grishaev BizDev / Partner

As a Telecom/IT professional and Crypto/Web3 investor, I am proud to take responsibility for the Clients Engagement and Development teams. In keeping with our international approach, based in Barcelona and Dubai.

Advisory Board

Philipp Baretta Chairman Advisory Board

Founder of SEBA Bank, the first fully licensed crypto bank in Switzerland.
Philipp is a seasoned global investment and trading expert.
His distinguished career in investment banking and private banking at UBS, Citigroup, Credit Suisse and SEBA Bank brings unparalleled acumen.
He has worked in Zurich, London and New York and managed global teams.


Mykola Smorgun CTO

Certified Microsoft .NET Developer.
Has successfully implemented and driven the technical development of more than 30 projects.
Combines strong technical skills with highly effective management.

Maxim Titarenko CIO

High-skilled .NET specialist and Business Strategist with 10+ years’ experience, a solid understanding and knowledge of the object-oriented approach, software engineering principles, and concepts.
Has high competence in Business Process Improvement and Business Development.

Chenyu Wang Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer with strong expertise in Blockchain application development, knowledge of more than 10 programming languages and frameworks.
He was the lead developer in Vera Currency and Morphic Beast Genesis.
Achieve developer rewards.

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